Learn Power BI the RIGHT way – A proven approach to mastering Power BI

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What is the best way to learn Power BI?

If you are new to Power BI, it can be overwhelming learning Power BI.
Even if you have used Power BI for a while, you may still struggle with cleaning data, writing DAX formulas or building data models.

Most self-learnt users pick up Power BI on a piecemeal basis. Learning on the fly. Without proper understanding how different Power BI components work, you quickly run into problems as Power BI projects can get complicated very quickly. The band-aid approach in fixing problems will land you in another problem down the road.

Power BI Learning Objectives
So, how should you structure the learning of Power BI?
With the benefit of hindsight in my personal Power BI journey and, of course, years of teaching Power BI training courses, this is my recommended approach.
As a beginner, these are your key learning goals:
  • Mastering Power Query
  • Understanding data modelling basics
  • Creating visualisations in Power BI reports
Once you develop basic competence of Power BI, then it’s time to up your game.
  • Writing DAX competently
  • Building better data models (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/modules/design-model-power-bi/)
  • Mastering advanced visualisation techniques
Lastly, you may choose to further your Power BI skillsets and specialise in
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning with Power BI
  • Architecting Power BI solutions in multi-developer environments with dataflows and shared datasets


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