An Overview of Olygen

The significance in being able to acquire, extract and manage information and data has become indispensable in being an industry leader. To help our Clients move quicker in this transition, Olygen gathers the brightest sharpest talent available.

We constantly recruit people that we feel have the potential to grow and we take great pride in training them. This allows as to grow stably and to churn the right team with the right expertise and mind set. With this, we feel confident to take on any project and to serve any client. Our Clients reflect our international reach, coming from Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. We cater to a extensive mix of public, private and govt sector companies hence the quality of our team is extremely important. We invest our time passionately in identifying talented people so they can develop into leaders.

Our work is the by-product of our extensive research and understanding market demands, needs and capitalising on significant issues. We rigorously explore trends, challenges and best practices and standards in our industry of focus on an international level. This effort is piloted to achieve our goals in delivering sound knowledge and information. This investment in knowledge ensures we cover the most critical factors and allows us to engage with leading thinkers to discover and gain a deeper understanding as well as insight on the most challenging issues and significant topics.

Our Core Specialties

Financial Training

The leading financial training provider of IFRS, Risk Management, Treasury, Capital and Money Markets, Financial Modelling, Wealth Management, Energy and Commodities executive courses.

Technical Training

The Leading Technical Training Providers for Oil & Gas,
Mining, Power & Utilities, Manufacturing and Chemicals Industries

Human Resources

Human Resource is the core of every organisation that facilitates and determines the growth. To remain competitive, the need for continuous upgrading  is essential. Well-resourced HR professionals means optimum performance.

Sales & Leadership

Always ideal for those seeking to improve in leadership capacities. The Sales and Leadership role is one of the toughest as well as one of the most important. Discover how to create success metrics, grow talent and develop value in the process.

OLYGEN – Igniting Ideas

The strength of the company depends on the people that are within it and this is the first thing that Olygen acknowledges. We treasure our people and provide them with the essentials they need in order to perform to their utmost ability. Most importantly, we make our people feel valued and appreciated.

Notice how the ‘G’ in Olygen is arrowed upwards? Cool huh? Bet you wish you thought of it. This is to signify our aspiring efforts to continuously grow as a Company, a Business, an Advocate and a Partner.

We are bright, energetic and aspiring hence it is befitting that the colour orange represents us.

BIGIT – Big in Technology.

BIGIT brings together greatness in one place; providing a platform that assists organizations in achieving milestones through ground breaking strategies by means of technological innovations.

Why choose BIGIT? We are experienced professionals who aim to transcend beyond expectations in providing you and your organization with effective innovation and resolution that is grounded in years of successful application.

Our fundamental principle to constantly stay relevant is our belief in thinking two steps ahead into the future. Driven by the simple notion of looking beyond and into the future, we constantly push the envelope to deliver innovation to our clients. We deliver cutting edge, technology focused conferences and training to take you into the future with us.