“Olygen to Offer Exclusive CEO Platinum Passes to Major Telcos”

Organizers of World Telecom Summit 2011 today sent out exclusive Platinum Passes to Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of major telecommunications companies. The CEO Platinum Passes entitle the CEOs to attend the full three days of World Telecom Summit 2011 at no charge.

Only CEOs are eligible for the Platinum Pass, however should the CEO be unable to attend, he/she is allowed to nominate one C-Level member of the organization to utilize the pass.

Besides the CEO Platinum Pass, the World Telecom Summit promises to bring together the who’s who of the telecommunications and mobile sectors with its impressive line-up of presenters and panelists from prominent telecommunications companies.

Focusing on the hottest telecommunications topics of the year; 4G deployment, customer experience management (CEM) and cloud computing; the summit agenda addresses key concerns of the fast-paced telecommunications industry.

Topics that are scheduled for the summit agenda include gain and loss projection of new technologies, LTE ecosystem development, network efficiency optimization, cost effectiveness, effective proposition management, social media impact on organizations, machine-to-machine utilization for CEM, subscriber database usage maximization, cloud revenue streams, cloud security management, and strategies for implementation.

Industry thought leaders and speakers from leading telecommunications companies from around the world will also share case studies of their organizations, successful management strategies and models for adoption.

To find out if your CEO is eligible for the Platinum Pass or for more information about the CEO Platinum Pass, www.worldtelecomsummit.com/ceopass.php or contact Vivian Ho at vivian.ho@olygen.com or 6671 9210.


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