Modern Presentation Skills

Stand out & influence the audience
with your authentic voice

    3 – 4 Sep 2019   Penang           

19 – 20 Sep 2019   Port Moresby

26 – 27 Sep 2019   Lae                   

     8 – 9 Oct 2019   Kuala Lumpur

Workshop Overview

This masterclass sets out to change your life, so that you can impact others. It’s not merely a training but a developmental journey. It makes use of proven theories & techniques from latest communication science & years of experience, coupled with invaluable practical exercises.

You learn the causes of widespread bad presentations and practice techniques that would set you apart from your peers. Not only will you be able to captivate your audience, maintain their attention, but also make them remember you and your good work.

You will understand the importance of your audience, and structure your presentations to their needs. Moreover, you will be introduced to secrets of making any topics interesting to your audience. You will also learn to create simple slides that get the audience focused, rather than distracted. Furthermore, you will practice on your body language and voice range, to maximise your impact.

By the end of the masterclass, you’ll have learned skills that will benefit you for a life time.

Why You Should Attend?

√  Do you have difficulties convincing your colleagues from different departments?
√  Do you have to speak in front of the company’s executives?
√  Do you feel that your good work is largely overlooked?
√  Do you get nervous speaking to an international audience?
√  Do you need buy-in from your superiors or your employees?
√  Do you have to inspire & move people to action?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these, you can benefit greatly from this workshop.

Key Takeaways
  • Understand how your audience experiences your presentation
  • Structure presentations that engage your audience
  • Tell stories from different sources to influence your audience
  • Create compelling slides that are simple & effective
  • Present data & charts clearly
  • Feel confident & comfortable on stage
  • Make use of the full dynamic of your voice for impact
  • Employ simple techniques to make your arguments more convincing
  • Stay authentic & relatable
  • Engage your audience throughout your presentation
  • Leave lasting impression on your audience
  • Stand out among your peers & competitors
  • Realise what you do well & what you can improve further
  • No hard rules, but personalised advice
  • Highly interactive, fun & engaging
  • Video & live demonstrations
  • Max 12 participants
  • 30 % Theory
    • 3 modules on content development
    • 2 modules on preparation
    • 3 modules on delivery
  • 70 % Practical
    • Several quick exercises
    • 1 individual couching session
    • 2 presentation sessions (including giving feedback to coursemates)
Who Should Attend

The workshop is crucial & highly recommended to every professional.

Regardless of your job title & experience level, as long as you want to elevate your presentation skills to the next level, you should attend.


No, but basic knowledge of a presentation program, such as Microsoft Powerpoint, would be helpful.

What to bring

Prepare beforehand a five-minute presentation, preferably with slides. The content can be from your work, but should be adapted for a general audience (e.g. at a conference).

Bring a laptop with Microsoft Powerpoint or other presentation software.

Program Agenda


  • Build rapport with trainer & coursemates
  • Establish personal learning objectives
  • Set up course expectations


  • Identify your target audience
  • Analyse what they know & expect
  • Determine what they care about
  • Understand how contexts affect their perception of your talk


  • Outline clear objectives for your presentation
  • Discover the most effective presentation structure
  • Learn to capture attention from the start
  • Introduce a problem to heighten attention
  • Provide solutions
  • Learn how to end with impact
  • Answer questions with grace


  • Explore the power of story-telling
  • Collect your own stories
  • Shape your stories so that they connect & inspire


  • Understand the real functions of slides
  • Create simple & effective slides
  • Present data & charts clearly
  • Use slides to strengthen brand image


  • Understand how your body language is being interpreted
  • Apply techniques to calm nerves & feel more confident
  • Alter your postures, gestures & movements to appear assertive & convincing

Module 7 – VOICE

  • Discover how you really sound
  • Learn the proper way to project your voice
  • Vary the pace, pitch & volume for maximum impact


  • Appeal to your audience to improve persuasion
  • Use rhetorical figures to make convincing arguments


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