Course Name:

Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Workshop Overview

In today’s global and competitive world, business owners and managers at all levels need to develop sound appreciation of financial reports, as well as the creation of shareholder value and fundamentals of business valuation.

The 2-day workshop will provide the attendees with competent grasp of the financials and help them think of their business decisions they make in a financial manner. Attendees will understand the components of the Financial Statements and the links between the line items. Participants will learn to evaluate the financial statements using ratio analysis.

Participants will also learn investment decision analysis using Net Present Value (NPR) as well as Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and understand the cost and sources of capital. Fundamental cost and management accounting is illustrated through identification of cost drivers and proper cost allocations. Participants will learn the difference between cash and profit as well as simple forecasting techniques. The workshop covers the approaches of budgeting and budgetary control to keep budget on target and concludes with ways on how to “cook the books”.

Why You Should Attend

  • Understand the business dynamics of dollars and cents
  • Improve financial acumen to achieve strategic growth
  • Make informed and sound financial decision to meet both short and long-term goals
  • Understand the financial impacts and deliver better bottom lines
  • Enhance shareholder value

Date and Venue
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (10-11 Sep)


Key Takeaways

Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • Understand the principles of accounting and finance
  • Gain knowledge of core finance, accounting and cost concepts
  • Understand the structure of financial statements and the inter-relationship of the items
  • Interpret and analyse financial statements with key financial ratios
  • Gain insight on working capital management
  • Financially appraise a project and identify sources of capital
  • Draft accurate budgets and budgetary controls



Business owners, directors, managers or anyone who:

  • make or contribute to decisions with significant financial implications
  • have profit and loss responsibility
  • require the understanding of financial information in their line of workDirectors

Course Director

The trainer is a UK-registered Fellow Chartered and Certified Accountant (FCCA). He obtained his Master of Science in Professional Accountancy (Merit) in 2018 from the University of London. He started his career with KPMG Singapore as an auditor in 1999, where he was involved in the audit, due diligence and tax of multinational corporations in shipping and logistics, industrial manufacturing, medical and healthcare, construction consultancy, investment holdings, amongst others.

The trainer went on to co-found several companies and has been an entrepreneur for more than 11 years. He once managed operations that spanned across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. The trainer has strong business acumen and recognises the importance of finance in making informed business decisions. He has analysed financial statements across industries to evaluate investment opportunities.

The trainer provides financial literacy training and consultancy on innovation and growth. He enjoys helping his clients to understand the stories the financial statements are telling them about their business. He also provides financial advisory and business planning services to companies.



“The trainer is a very people person. Sound knowledge in his area of expertise. He carried out the program well.”

“The instructor has excellent training skills. He was able to run the 2 days course with excellent and highly qualified accounting and financial knowledge. He was well understood and well organized with excellent powerpoint presentations.”
Director Project Allocation

“Good training & communication skills.”
Director Forest Development

“It’s an eye opener.”
Director Corporate Services

“Was clear and able to facilitate the training in layman’s term as well as for some areas which would have been difficult to understand. Very knowledgeable in this area.”
Manager Human Capital

“Will greatly assist me on how I will be preparing, monitoring and controlling budget.”
Manager – Maintenance

“The trainer is knowledgeable in this area. I find his explanations and discussions of the various topics to be interesting and I learnt a lot.”

“I have learnt a lot from the lectures. With the basic understanding of the principles of accounting and finance, I will be able to utilize them at my work place when the time comes.”
Acting ICT Manager

“Very informative & educational. I learned a lot.”
Public Relations Officer